This is the template for a musicians bio (according to google):

1st Paragraph – State band/artist name, specific genre, where band is from, and an inspirational quote about their music from any contact made in the music industry.
2nd Paragraph – State immediate purpose. Mention current project/activity (i.e. new CD, EP, single release). List any promotional activities that will be occurring to support CD or digital release.
3rd and 4th Paragraph – Additional information on band members, background info on the forming group, past experience, accomplishments, special recognition/achievements. Highlight any new releases and bigger goals.
Close. Sum up and end with quotes or motivational line that tells listeners/readers to stay tuned.

So I am going to follow this to the tee.

  • Name: Tom Sinclair.
  • Genre: Electronica.
  • From: Tadley (Hampshire).
  • Inspirational Quote: "I think this is the best song I've ever heard on the Demo Panel" Steve Reynolds - BBC Introducing Berkshire.

  • Immediate Purpose: Writing some songs.
  • Current Project: Writing album "Face in the Trough".
  • Promotional Activities: Doing interviews and tweeting.

  • Additional Information: 20. Male. 5'10". Omnivore. Resides mainly in heated places.
  • Past Experience: Plentiful.
  • Past Accomplishments: BBC News Bristol. BBC Radio Berkshire. YouTube. Once had sex to my own music.
  • Bigger Goals: Digital Radio?

  • Sum Up: Stay Tuned.